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    Why is a rashan Card important
    rashan Card is amongst one of the most important documents for every person in India; this document is provided on an order or authority of the State Government. Now, you can apply for rashan card online very easily in simple and also you can check rashan card status online.

    rashan card details provide an important proof of Identity and Residence of citizens, it also used as proof of applying for making a Domicile certificate, Birth Certificate, Voter ID card etc. you can also check rashan card details by name

    rashan cards offer identification as well entitle the holder to a rashan of food, fuel, or other goods issued by the Government of India. They are primarily used when purchasing subsidized foodstuffs (wheat, rice, sugar ) and kerosene.

    The cards are applied in the state you belong to. We can help you with the form and compilation of documents. This will help you sort out the process quickly and smoothly. So go ahead, let us help you!

    Kinds of rashan (Rashan) Cards :

    Blue/Yellow/Green/Red rashan cards – For people that are living below poverty line. These rashan cards are for obtaining various subsidies on food, fuel and other goods.
    White rashan cards – These rashan cards are for people living above the poverty line they help as an identification.
    Who all can apply for a rashan (rashan) card :
    Any person permanently living in India who wants to have a rashan but,
    He/ She or some other person on his behalf, has not already applied or in possession of such a card.

    He/ She or any member of his family is not included in another rashan card.

    Attention please Dear Customer please note that our company is under taking only filling of forms for obtaining necessary documents from the concern authority as in any manner not issuing any Rashan card or any other documents and you will personally process the same after the form duly filled in by us is posted at your residence
    Any person having any issues with this shall not opt for our services